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How does Extra Space work?

There are only five steps you need to know:

  1. Go online or ring us to figure out how much space you need and reserve your space
  2. Drive your things to Extra Space where we’ll:
    1. Check you in and explain the process
    2. Provide you with your security swipe card or PIN code
    3. Show you to your reserved space
  3. Move in and lock up (only you have the key to your space)
  4. Access your storage whenever it suits you.
  5. Contact us seven days before you wish to vacate.


What are the benefits of using Extra Space?

  • There’s no waiting – you can move in on the same day you sign up.
  • No locked-in, long term commitment – You pay monthly and we just ask for seven days’ notice when you are leaving.
  • Only pay for the space you need. We have a range of storage spaces available to meet your needs so you don’t end up paying for storage space you won’t use.
  • Limitless access – You can access your space every day of the year.
  • Your belongings are safe – Thanks to our 24-hour CCTV, electronic gate access, security fencing and well-lit premises.


How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the size of space you need. To figure this out, contact us or use our size guide. Prices start from $33 per week.


What’s included in the price? Are there any other costs?

The price includes your storage rate, GST, utility bills and maintenance costs.


What type of documentation do I need to rent a space?

To rent a space, you need to show a valid driver’s license.


Do you offer discounts?

We regularly run offers for new and existing customers. See our Specials Page or contact us for more details.


What is the minimum time that I can store with Extra Space?

The minimum storage period is one month.


How long will it take to complete my transaction when I move in?

The process is easy and usually takes about 10 minutes.


How do I pay for my space?

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard and all major credit cards. We also offer convenient monthly automatic credit card withdrawal, BPay and direct debit. You can also make payments online.


Do I pay weekly or monthly?

We invoice customers every calendar month, payable in advance.


Will I need to sign a lease?

No, you don’t need to commit to a lease but you need to sign the Self-Storage Facility Agreement. This is the self-storage contract provided by the Self-Storage Association of Australasia and is widely used in Australia. Our staff will talk you through the contents of this simple agreement so that you understand the key points you are agreeing to.


Do I have to give notice when I want to leave?

You only need to give seven days’ notice when you wish to vacate. You can notify us in writing by email.


What happens if I need a smaller or bigger space?

You are welcome to move to another size space depending on availability.


What about insurance?

Insurance is the customer’s responsibility and we recommend that you insure the goods you are storing. You can carry your own insurance (check your homeowner’s insurance policy in case you are already covered). Or apply for insurance coverage from a provider specialising in self storage insurance.


How high are the ceilings in the storage spaces?

The floor-to-ceiling heights of our spaces are either 2.4 metres or 3.0 metres. Please contact us for more information.


Do you give me a key?

We provide you with a swipe card or pin code that gives you access to the facility whenever you need it. At our Melton Facility we provide you with a security key to access your unit. This means that only you can access your storage space. We sell high quality padlocks or you can purchase one easily from the local hardware store.


What am I prohibited from storing at Extra Space?

Please note that you can not store any of the following:

  • Illegal goods
  • Hazardous or flammable goods
  • Living plants or animals
  • Waste
  • Firearms, explosives or munitions
  • Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods
  • Radioactive materials
  • Food or perishable goods
  • Cash


What are some good storage hints and tips?

  • Put the items you think you’ll need most often at the front, near to door.
  • Leave refrigerators and freezer doors open or slightly ajar to prevent mildew.
  • Cover your items with dust streets – don’t use plastic covers because they retain moisture.
  • Label your boxes on the sides and top for easy reference.
  • Don’t share your swipe card with anyone that is not listed on the agreement.
  • Purchase insurance to protect your belongings or confirm that your homeowners or renters insurance covers your belongings while in storage.
  • Pack heavy items (i.e., books) into small boxes. This will make them easier and safer to lift.
  • Store mattresses, mirrors and paintings on long edges rather than flat to protect them and save space.
  • Use similar sized boxes so you can stack them on top of each other and maximise space.
  • Use good quality storage boxes so the bottoms don’t collapse when you are moving or lifting them. To reinforce the bottom of cardboard boxes, criss-cross packaging tape on the bottom of the box.
  • Avoid unwanted guests by not storing food items.
  • Whenever possible, disassemble items like table and bed frames to save space.
  • Stack heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on the top to avoid boxes getting crushed.
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